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[UP JMA Recap] Discover Diliman: Back Home

Discovery is back at UP Diliman as UP JMA introduces the Iskolar life and UPD’s beautiful campus in welcoming Freshies through face-to-face tours.

UP JMA welcomes the freshies of the school year with the return of Discover Diliman’s face-to-face university tour!

After three years of online tours, UP JMA’s yearly tradition, Discover Diliman, is finally back to where it all started.

Last September 7, 2023, members of the organization came together to help freshies learn how to make the most out of their first year on campus. The members and freshies bonded together through mini-games and meaningful conversations about what university life is like as they walked and drove around to visit the most iconic landmarks of UP Diliman, such as the Oblation, Palma Hall, and the Sunken Garden.

Learn more about what the organization had in store for the freshies through this #UPJMARecap.


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