​The Kids Integrated Development Through Schooling (KIDS) Program is the main beneficiary of UP JMA. As a non-profit entity, these kids and their families have been the reason behind every project UP JMA creates and executes. 


About the Program

Established in 1993, the KIDS Program has been the heart and unifying force of UP JMA. Every peso the organization generates is dedicated towards supporting the education of 43 bright, yet underprivileged, elementary and high school students. These kids are selected from the poverty-stricken area of Barangay Loyola Heights in Katipunan who belong to the Tahanan ng Panginoon - Our Lady of Pentecost Parish.


Our Mission

Alongside monthly financial stipends for our kids and their families, the program organizes fun and exciting events designed to enrich their childhood experience and aid in their holistic growth, value formation, and meaningful development. The program also fosters deeper relationships between the kids, their families, and the members of the organization


COVID-19 Response

We at UP JMA remain committed to doing our part in response to the challenges brought about by the global pandemic. We are actively innovating our projects, and directing their focus towards providing aid to fight against COVID-19.

Today, we are creating solutions to continually bring this holistic growth and meaningful development to our 43 kids in these dire times. We have prepared a series of online activities that include art lessons, story telling, and tutorial sessions. These serve as an avenue for both the kids and the members of the organization to build their bond from the comfort and safety of their homes. The team also continues to support the 43 kids under UP JMA's KIDS program and their families through stipends, internet allowance, and monthly care packages containing food and other household needs.


Academic and Recreational Activities

With their holistic growth, value formation, and meaningful development in mind, UP JMA constantly creates out-of-school learning opportunities for the kids through academic and recreational activities.

KIDS Soiree

KIDS Soiree is a get-to-know party for the kids where they can gain confidence to be their best selves and to achieve their dreams.

Workshops and Talks

These workshops and talks are hands-on experiences that allow the kids to learn various essential life skills, and to foster their creativity and intelligence.


KIDS ACLE is an Alternative Classroom Learning Experience where the kids go out to learn skills and ideas that are best taught outside of a classroom.

KIDS Day Out

KIDS Day Out is a fun and exciting out-of-town trip filled with team-building activities that will foster a stronger bond between the kids and the UP JMA members.

House Visit

House Visit day is dedicated to visiting the kids' families in their homes. Here, UP JMA conducts interviews, and gives simple tokens to the families.

Family Day

Family Day is a sports fest, where the kids can bond with their families and UP JMA members in spirit of friendly competition and teamwork.

Contact Us

For inquiries, you may reach the KIDS Program at 

We guarantee that your sponsorship and financial support will go a long way in helping our 43 kids during these uncertain times of crisis.

KIDS Graduation

KIDS Graduation is ceremony with recognition rites and games to celebrate and acknowledge the kids' accomplishments in the program.