K I D S   I N T E G R A T E D   D E V E L O P M E N T   T H R O U G H   S C H O O L I N G

The Kids Integrated Development Through Schooling (KIDS) Program is the main beneficiary arm of the UP Junior Marketing Association (UP JMA). As a non-profit entity, these kids and their families have been the reason behind every project we create and execute.  


The KIDS Program continues to grow, and currently assists 40+ scholars by providing kids with financial aid and a holistic program so that they may grow to their potential despite their difficult living situations. Our scholars have an age range of 5 to 16 years old, and are studying in elementary or high school.

Academic and Recreational Activities

The organization constantly creates activities that help develop the kids holistically through academic and recreational activities. These are some of the main activities we usually hold for the kids.

A get-to-know party full of games and new kids and their families.

A hands-on learning experience for the kids, where JMA organizes science fairs, finance talks, art sessions, hygiene workshops and the like.

An Alternative Classroom Learning Experience where the kids are brought to different venues to learn new ideas outside of the classroom.

A recreational outing for the kids, where JMA brings them to theme parks, outdoor adventure parks, and the like.

A KIDS sports fest, where the kids can compete with their families and JMAers.

This day is dedicated to visiting the kids' family in their homes, spending time with them. Interviews will be done and simple tokens will be given.

To end the semester, the KIDS Grad is there to acknowledge all the children and their accomplishments in the KIDS program. After the recognition rites, the kids get to have fun through swimming and some games.

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