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[UP JMA Recap] CRAFT Culmi Fair

Foodies celebrate a night of delicious food, free-flowing drinks, and live music with CRAFT’s culmination fair!

Last June 30, CRAFT celebrated its culminating event, "Next Stop Katip!" The event showcased the delectable offerings of Katipunan's local businesses. Hosted at Openspace Katipunan from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM, CRAFT provided attendees with the enjoyable blend of food, free-flowing drinks, and live music by UP JMA’s own performers that set the stage for an unforgettable night of laid-back fun.

The night was made possible through CRAFT’s partners NoDoze Coffee Lounge and Four Leg Pop Up Katipunan, and sponsor Crazy Carabao Brewing Co. From NoDoze Coffee Lounge featuring aromatic coffee blends and refreshing cocktails to Four Leg Pop Up Katipunan offering its signature American-style chicken, the event’s partners brought a burst of flavors that left everyone craving for more.

Throughout the evening, the event highlighted its partners, providing them with valuable exposure and opportunities to connect with potential customers. It was a true embodiment of CRAFT's mission to celebrate and uplift the spirit of entrepreneurship within the community.

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