A partnership with UP JMA gives your company access to UP JMA's resources and premium services.

With UP JMA's broad reach of the Philippine college market, we can conduct targeted consumer research catered specifically for our partners. Gain invaluable insight and understanding of your target market to guide future brand engagement.

 Market Research 

Our consultancy services offer innovative ideas and strategic executions in order to promote and market your brand through a series of campaigns and initiatives. We specialize in idea-based marketing, innovative campaigns, insight generation, and creative solutions.

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Our publicity and promotions services help you drive consumer engagement. This is by providing you with direct interaction to the college students of UP, and to other target markets; through the execution of online promotions on our social media channels.

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Publicity and Promotions 

Gain direct company access to the creative skills, innovative minds, and strategic thinking of our member pool. You will be able to promote and recruit our members for freelance work, internship opportunities, and employment.

 College Recruitment 

UP JMA has wide-ranging experience in mounting events of over 15,000+ attendees. Our project management skills and diverse event teams are at your service for conceptualizing and executing your company's events.

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Partner with us for events!


Partner with us for top billing and promotion in our events.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for our full catalog of events, initiatives, and partner benefits. This may include semester or year-long partnerships in promotions and advertisements.