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Happy Halloween, Chocoholics!

Words by Atew Go-Tian, Paolo Bisuña, and Maxine Magsalin

UP JMA: Craft promotes greater appreciation and awareness for growing local industries through online releases and on-ground events. Craft believes that by publicizing the Philippines’ homegrown industries, well-deserved recognition will be given to those responsible for such industries. In the past, Craft has showcased the best beer and coffee in the country; and now, they aim to do the same for chocolate.

What’s Halloween season without chocolate, right? Here are some fun trivia you might not have known about chocolate!

1. Halloween > Valentine’s Day

According to Woman’s Day, more than twice as much chocolate is sold during Halloween as compared to Valentine’s Day. So if you’re single, don’t worry about not receiving chocolate throughout the year – you can get some during Halloween!

2. Chocolate Can Get You High

Chocolate contains similar compounds as marijuana, and binds to receptors in the brain in a similar way creating a slight high from chocolate. This also makes chocolate a pain reliever!

3. PH Cacao Beans Are Award-Winners

Askinosie Chocolate, an award-winning American brand of chocolate, uses Trinitario cacao beans from Davao! This type of bean is crafted into their 62% Dark Milk Chocolate + Fleur de Sel Bar (among other products), which is a two-time Good Food Award winner.

4. We Have a Diverse Set of Beans

All of the three main cocoa bean types – Criollo, Trinitario, and Forastero – are grown and present in the Philippines. Yay for diversification!

5. Millenials Are Helping the Chocolate Industry

There is an increase in the demand for chocolate in the Philippines, and the local industry is expected to grow rapidly. This rise in demand can be attributed to us millennials!

Chocolate is a beautiful and delicious thing, and the Philippine chocolate industry is one worth supporting and taking pride in. Make sure to like Craft’s Facebook page and stay tuned for announcements regarding their event happening in November! Here’s a little Halloween provided by Craft:


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