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Why Being Single in College is Great

Words by Paolo Bisuña

I’ve been single for twenty years. I know to most people that may sound sad, but please don’t direct any towards me. I enjoy the single life not because I resent the idea of a relationship – a beautiful thing, I might add. I enjoy it because I’ve reaped so many benefits from it. Many perceive being single as a curse or a sorry state in life until the next relationship, but it’s wrong to assume that the single life sucks! What’s wrong is focusing solely on pursuing a relationship; you’ll surely overlook corners where happiness can be found. But, enough romantic language; let me share some great benefits that a single person can attain:

1. Your academic performance will receive more focus

As UP students, we all dream of ourselves wearing our sablay and marching on graduation day. We long for our family and friends’ proud congratulations and the right to say, “I survived UP!” With the blessing of the single life, you can attain this goal. You’ll have more time for studying, answering probsets, attending talks and workshops, researching, and other academic endeavours. These activities will further expand your knowledge and experience, test and improve your intelligence, and build a love for learning that, in turn, will make you a more competent and fulfilled person. You won’t just survive UP; you’ll come out better, smarter, and stronger.

2. Spreading love throughout other communities

Aside from your academic pursuits, you can always give back. UP provides its students with many opportunities for socio-civic service. Outreaches, donation drives, feeding programs, housing projects, immersions, tutorial sessions, advocacies and fundraisers are just some of the ways to make meaningful use of time. Not only will your heart be full, you will also discover the impact a single (pun unintended) person can make through service.

3. You’ll strengthen and build new friendships

With all the time in your hands, using it to spend time with your friends is never a bad idea. Outside a relationship, you can meet new people who you relate to; people who acknowledge and recognize you as a great person. Spend time with your old friends, and take the time to make new ones. Eat food, pull all-nighters, talk about everything, get wasted and act like fools together! After all, romantic love isn’t the only love that exists, right? Go out there and make some glorious memories that’ll last a lifetime! Another plus since you’re single is you have the right to landi anytime, anywhere, with anyone (basta hindi pa taken).

4. Your body will start getting the attention it needs

You can’t ignore what carries your head where you need to go. When you listen to your body, it repays you handsomely. Once you start exercising consistently and fixing your eating habits, you’ll start feeling different. Setting goals for fitness and eventually reaching them, boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Hitting your target weight or reaching a personal goal teaches your mind to believe in your capacity to break limits. It will teach you to love yourself, and realize the love you have for yourself is most important.

Armed with this knowledge, go out and make the most out of your single life! Being single allows you to commit to other activities that build your character, and in turn, your self-worth. You’ll have more reasons to love yourself outside your relationship status and discover a bit more about yourself. In our idea of “forever”, we fail to realize that one-half of the equation is ourselves. So while you have time in your hands, go out there and live your best life!


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