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[UP JMA Recap] UP Fair: Cosmos 2023

Take a look at Cosmos’ interstellar journey and advocacies this year!

Cosmos: An OPM Festival finally made its long-awaited return after two years of lockdown last February 18. This year, Cosmo, our friendly neighborhood astronaut, treated 14,000+ Earthlings to a performance-filled evening celebrating diversity and invited them to join UP JMA in advocating for sexual and reproductive health.

Every year, UP Fair is used as a platform for advocacies and an avenue for promoting academic discourse and positive social change. This year, UP JMA dedicated Cosmos to freedom– freedom from the shackles built on prejudice and inequality. The organization dedicated it to freedom from the norms that normalize discrimination and oppression and thus, fuel social injustice. Finally, they dedicated it to freedom to love and be loved.

Join them and let your voice reach the cosmos with UP JMA.

Whether you missed Cosmos or just want to go on a trip down memory lane, you can check out UP Fair: Cosmos’ FB page and UP JMA’s social media for more recaps and pictures of the spectacular festival (magic not included)!


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