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[UP JMA Recap] Swiftie Night

“People haven’t always been there for me but music always has.” -Taylor Swift

Last April 29, 2023, UP JMA successfully organized Swiftie Night: A Fundraising Social Event for the UP JMA KIDS program at the Greenhills West Clubhouse. This Taylor Swift themed party united swifties, ultimate Taylor Swift fans, from within and outside the organization to bust a groove to all her iconic songs! It was a lively event which boasted disco ball balloons, decorations, and colorful lights, along with a full merchandise line based on Taylor’s career and top hits. The inclusion of non-UP students allowed people from the general public to attend and bond over their love for the music icon. The event successfully captivated the crowd, as many flocked to the dance floor with Taylor Swift’s hits and enthusiastically danced the night away.

Overall, the event was a big success, gathering over 200 attendees. The event stayed true to the fearless theme of Swiftie Night while simultaneously raising funds for the heart of UP JMA, our KIDS Scholars.

Relive the magic of Swiftie Night through this #UPJMARecap!


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