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[UP JMA Recap] MarkEd Access Granted Roadshow

Mag-dadrayb ako papuntang… AG!

Last May 22, 2023, UP JMA’s MarkEd returned to the road with Access Granted: Marketing Crossroads, a campus roadshow designed to provide public high school students with an immersive educational experience through marketing talks led by industry experts. With the theme “Marketing for the Youth”, MarkEd drove home its purpose to make marketing education more accessible to next-generation leaders.

88 eager students from Francisco P. Felix Memorial National High School embarked on a marketing journey with Ms. Kathleen Estrella, the founder of the clothing enterprise Hanap Habi. During the event, she highlighted the importance of placing people and the planet before profit and shared her brand’s focus on championing women and fashion sustainability.

Attendees discovered that businesses should not merely focus on earning a profit, but they are also obligated to consider their overall impact on the environment and society. In line with this, students applied what they learned through creative marketing presentations, giving them a glimpse into the world of marketing and its basic concepts.

Indeed, MarkEd hopes that the students imbibe the idea that marketing and business should intersect with societal and environmental consciousness. They are, after all, the country’s future leaders.

See you at the next stop!

Cruise through this #UPJMARecap to find out more about MarkEd and its initiatives!


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