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[UP JMA Recap] KIDS x WEEK Makmakan

The KIDS are back for a day of games and competitive spirit!

Last April 23, 2023, UP JMA, in collaboration with WEEK 65, bonded with the KIDS scholars through a variety of games and activities during KIDS Makmakan. Over 100 members, applicants, and kids gathered in the UP Diliman Student Union Building to engage in games and compete in teams. Challenging themselves both mentally and physically, they completed stations featuring Math, Science, Philippine History, English, and PE-related challenges to see which team would come out on top!

Along with this, the event also focused on building both the bodies and minds of the KIDS Scholars which is in line with UP JMA’s mission of providing them with earnest opportunities to develop into well-rounded individuals. Learn more about the KIDS, the heart of UP JMA, here!

Don't forget to check out our #UPJMARecap down below to catch a glimpse of the fun that was had at the KIDS x WEEK Makmakan!


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