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[UP JMA Recap] JMA 65th Anniversary

UP JMA celebrates 65 years of camaraderie, advocacy, and marketing excellence!

UP JMA recently celebrated its 65th year of marketing excellence with "The Revival," a month-long commemoration of the organization's achievements and commemorated its longstanding commitment to marketing, camaraderie, and excellence. Spearheaded by UP JMA’s organizing body WEEK, the organization's anniversary celebration last April to May 2023 had a range of programs— from photo exhibits, collaboration with the KIDS, an online campaign and webinar, posts featuring alumni, free ikot jeepney rides, and a culminating award ceremony.

The festivities kicked off with "Keepsake" from April 24 to May 5. This on-site photo exhibit at the College of Business Administration served as a visual testament to UP JMA's notable milestones, initiatives, and achievements over the years.

On April 23, UP JMA joined hands with the Kids Integrated Development through Schooling (KIDS) scholar program for an onsite collaboration called "Relay" at the Student Union Building. With UP JMA members, applicants, and KIDS, the excitement-filled program was full of fun games and educational activities that challenged them both mentally and physically!

Another noteworthy program was "Revolution," an educational online campaign and webinar that took place from May 2 to 9, 2023. With guest speaker Paolo Sumulong, a former UP JMA President, this virtual initiative aimed to showcase UP JMA's marketing prowess before, during, and after the pandemic. From traditional to online and now to hybrid marketing, the webinar highlighted the need to adapt in order to survive in the constantly evolving world.

"Homage," held from May 9 to 12, paid tribute to UP JMA's esteemed alumni. This series of posts highlighted how these accomplished individuals embraced UP JMA's four key thrusts—academics, socials, service, and sports—in their careers.

To culminate the month-long celebration, WEEK organized "Pay-Off" on May 12. This grand finale comprised an awarding ceremony to recognize the committees that excelled in the competitive events held. JMAers came together under the banner of the #OneJMA spirit, cherishing their shared experiences and celebrating the organization that has thrived over the years.

UP JMA's 65th Anniversary celebration showcased unwavering dedication to marketing excellence. Learn more about how UP JMA showcased this through this #UPJMARecap!


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