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[UP JMA Recap] F2F OlympKIDS Sunday

See how UP JMA makes the most out of Sundays with the KIDS!

After holding KIDS Sundays online for the past three years, UP JMA finally reunited with its 42 scholars to play OlympKIDS! Last October 23, the kids and the volunteers excitedly participated in a series of games where they got to bond and connect with each other.

The UP JMA KIDS Program supports the overall welfare of its scholars by holding Sunday activities. Both academic and recreational activities are prepared to enrich their childhood experience and aid their holistic growth. These out-of-school learning opportunities allow them to make friends while reaching their fullest potential. The program also aims for the members of UP JMA to build deeper relationships between the kids who serve as the heart and unifying force of the organization.

Don’t miss out on OlympKIDS in this #UPJMARecap!


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