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MarkEd Markethink is UP JMA MarkEd's educational initiative that tackles the basics of digital marketing through a learning series composed of informative and digestible videos posted online.


Markethink is UP JMA MarkEd's educational initiative that explored marketing in different fields. Utilizing the organization's marketing brilliance, Markethink promotes marketing literacy and competency to students of all disciplines.

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 This Semester 

This semester, we're speaking to the youth – bringing marketing education to high school students across the country.

True to the theme: Marketing for the Youth, Markethink aims to make marketing education more digestible and accessible for high school students. Be it through keeping things traditional via infographics or tapping into trends such as memes, the campaign aims to create carefully crafted releases and initiatives that resonate best with the youth – even expanding MarkEd's social media influence to TikTok's #EduTok.

Together with MarkEd Access Granted, Markethink will culminate this semester's Marketing Education initiatives through a webinar geared towards showcasing Marketing in Action.

 Contact Us 

Help us develop the future Marketers of the Philippines by supporting our projects, initiatives, and competitions!

For inquiries, you may reach MarkEd at or on our Facebook Page