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UP Life Hacks

With UP Diliman having a huge campus – 493 hectares to be exact – there are plenty of things students may not know about it that can help them during their time in the university. From shortcuts to random pieces of advice that are vital to an efficient everyday life as a Diliman student, here are our picks for the best UP Diliman life hacks.

1. Bio Forest Shortcut

By taking this shortcut, you can get from the AS area to the CS area (and vice versa) in around 5 minutes. What a time-saver! The entrance to the Bio forest is by the back of ASCAL. Just follow the path of stones – or other students who are likely taking the same shortcut – and you’ll find yourself at the back of Bio! The entrance of the forest from Bio lies beyond the parking, by the org tambayans.

2. Epsilon Shortcut

This might be an obvious one for others, and others may be completely unaware! The Epsilon shortcut cuts right through the acad oval and would save you a lot of time if you’re walking. From AS parking, just take the path labeled “Beta Epsilon Way” and you’ll be in front of Melchor Hall, which is closer to buildings like Plaridel, CSWCD, etc. This path can also be taken coming from the Melchor area going to the AS area.

3. Walk to your next class

This is highly dependent on how far your classes are from each other, but most of the time, it’s faster to walk than to take a jeep. Jeeps make multiple stops which are pretty time-consuming. Walking also gives you the chance to appreciate the incredible beauty of the UP campus!

4. Econ Caf

There are countless places to buy food in UP, from kiosks to the entire Area 2. However, Econ Caf is along the acad oval, so it’s close to many classes. Not only is it good for its proximity, but also their large, yummy servings! The food they serve varies, but they’re always delicious. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth by eating there!

5. AS Comp Lab

Located in room 117 of Palma Hall, the comp lab is an accessible and cheap place to rent a computer or to have things printed. They’re open from 10am-5pm, and their staff is really friendly, too!

6. Ylanan Shortcut

This shortcut is especially great for those who want to save time on Commonwealth. Take Ylanan street (from the acad oval, turn right on Plaridel Hall) and go straight until you reach the Ylanan gate. The u-turn slot is much closer from here than compared to if you exit through University Ave!

These are just a few of the most basic yet most important tips you should know as a UP Diliman student.

Cover Image by JC Cadiz


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