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In the Service of the Filipino: UP JMA Visits ABS-CBN

Words by Martin Velasco

For its second Field Work Day of the semester, members and applicants from UP JMA toured ABS-CBN, the nation’s top broadcast and media network. The Field Work Day was a whole day full of insights and learnings that one can’t quite learn inside the classroom. The day began with the group being warmly greeted by Ms. Arlyn Fausto, head of corporate recruitment, who spoke about the core values of ABS-CBN and the internships and employment opportunities offered. It was also exciting to hear her speak about the big plans that the company has for the future.

Mr. Nandy Villar expanded from the opening remarks given by Ms. Fausto and spoke about how the corporation developed from being the nation’s sole broadcast network to a media source catering to millions of Filipinos. Next was a series of talks conducted by three esteemed brand managers.

Starting it off was Ms. Chawie Songsong, head of Customer Marketing. Participants learned about the multiple marketing strategies ABS-CBN offers to increase its clients’ brand equity - segways in reality TV such as Showtime, activations done with H&M Kids, situmercials with Ariel, and an interactive webpage on Moonchasers, from ​La Luna Sangre​.

Following her was Ms. Krystel Agnote, head of platform content and strategy. Her talk revolved around the question of “What makes a character so compelling?” and stressed the importance of it in formulating integrated marketing campaigns. The example she used was Coco Martin/Officer Ricardo Dalisay from ​Ang Probinsyano, in campaign of being an Everyday Hero. Last was Mr. Ben Ravina, head of Strategy Planning and Business Intelligence. Delegates from UP JMA learned about the updated business models such as the Loyalty Loop - which places emphasis on enjoyment as a trigger in return consumption. He also showed participants several demographics and statistics on the population of the Philippines in consuming information.

After lunch, the participants from UP JMA took a multiple intelligence test evaluating basic skills - Math, English, and General Information, in qualifying for a highly coveted internship at the media giant.

Ending the field work was a tour of the complex. The delegation visited the studios of Showtime, TV Patrol, Sports, and Umagang Kay Ganda, as well as the Dolphy Theatre - in honor of the late comedy king - which used to be Eat Bulaga’s shooting location back in the 80’s. Although we were given a heads up that we might bump into a few celebrities, we had no such luck. We did, however, have the chance to feel like celebrities for the day!

The Field Work Day at ABS-CBN sets the standard for what field work should be - informative, entertaining, and immersive - core values of what the organization stands for. UP JMA members and applicants learned a lot through this experience, and without a doubt, many would consider coming back to intern and work there in the near future.


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