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The Most Underrated Places to Eat in UP Diliman

Words by Lexine Coronel

It’s a known fact that UP Diliman is the place to be when you’re thinking of having a food trip. With delicious affordable food in Area 2 and Maginhawa just around the corner, you’ll never run out of choices for lunch; but even though these places are just within reach, sometimes we’re pressed for time with our school work and have to be in class early that we desperately look for a place to eat within walking distance. So I’ve prepared a list of the most underrated places just in the heart of UP Diliman where you can be satisfied with your lunch and still make it to your class.

1. University Food Service

One of the most underrated places to eat in, in my opinion. It has been recently renovated and they have a wide variety of food choices – they even have a selection of cakes or pastries. And get this, it has aircon! It’s very unusual to find a cafeteria in UP that has aircon, plus the prices are student- friendly, as said by President Danilo Concepcion himself. Vinzons is definitely a must try!

2. Tearoom

If you don’t know by now, the College of Home Economics is the home college of the Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management students, so this restaurant is where they practice their fine dining etiquette and training. No, this is not a fine dining restaurant, but they definitely have the service for one. If you want a break from the usual vibe of a UP cafeteria, CHE is the place for you.


Need a quick lunch takeout? CASAA, of course! A more known place to grab a bite, but still worth mentioning in this list! CASAA is really just for an on-the-go lunch; there are no tables and chairs, but most students make do just by sitting on the floor. Even though there always seems to be a lot of people, don’t be discouraged, because it’ll only take you 5 minutes to order and you’ll be set to go! Bonus: the food is very affordable, I guarantee you’ll get a delicious meal for P100 or less!

4. Museum Cafe by Vargas Museum

This is the place to be for when you need a good coffee fix, since all other cafes are a bit far away. Museum Cafe serves lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and even milk tea! All their drinks range from P45 to P120 only. They also sell the most amazing pastries and food: from pasta and sandwiches and so much more to choose from. They’re open from Tuesdays to Saturdays so if you have a Saturday class and nothing seems to be open, now you know where to go!

5. Econ Lounge

This last one is a favorite of the students of Economics and Business Administrations. The food in the Econ Lounge is always delicious, and they have pretty big servings for affordable prices. They also have lots of snacks like chips and graham balls to take with you on the go. This place is almost always full, but once you try it out, you’ll understand why!

There you have it – my list of (mostly) underrated places to eat in just in the heart of UP Diliman! Now you can still make every lunch a food trip while staying close to your next class. Enjoy!

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