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The Single's Guide to Cosmos

Words by: Trisha Ching

It’s finally time for the night we’ve all been waiting for: COSMOS! Picture this: you’re enjoying the night when it suddenly dawns on you… you’re surrounded by all these couples and not gonna lie, feeling hella single and awkward. What do you do? Go home to that tub of ice cream & mourn your singlehood? No way! Don’t worry, we got you.

There’s absolutely no need to fret about being single during V-day! While it may seem like a bummer to be surrounded by so many lovey dovey couples on what is now commonly known as “Single Awareness Day”, we’re here to give you the (underrated) real talk as to why it’s still freaking amazing to be single during this year’s cosmic Valentine’s Day!

1. It’s the PERFECT opportunity to make new friends!

Trust us when we say that you will not be the only single person in the Cosmic crowd that night. Take a look at the bright side! This is the perfect time for you to socialize & make new friends. So what are you waiting for? Mingle with the other Cosmos attendees and chances are you won’t be going home with just amazing memories but new friendships as well. Who knows? You might just meet The One.

2. Take some out-of-this-world pictures! #ForTheGram

Bonus perk of being single? Now, you won’t have to be dragged down as a couple photographer for your taken friends. With newfound friends, you can help immortalize the night by taking cute pictures of each other. You can also take videos of yourselves jamming out to your favorite artists under the stars. #GetCosmic

3. If you don’t love yourself, who else will?

Treat Yourself!

Being single also means not feeling obligated to make extravagant plans or spending a ton of money on flowers and chocolate on someone else. Instead, treat yourself! This can be something as simple as buying your favorite fishball from the UP fair stall or to a round or two on one of the fair rides. O diba, ang tipid!

4. Vibe to the latest OPM jams, Earthlings!

Getting those Cosmos tickets already felt like the Hunger Games, so why not loosen up and make the night worthwhile by singing and dancing to the amazing lineup of singers and bands performing on stage? One UNFORGETTABLE performance of Beer by the Itchyworms, coming right up!

5. Celebrate #MissionCosmos. Celebrate Love.

Valentine’s day is not just about celebrating love for a significant other. Jowas are overrated af! Celebrate love for your family and friends, love for music, love for a social cause (ie Gender Equality) and most importantly, love for yourself. You don’t need a special someone to enjoy Cosmos night! You simply need a positive mindset and great music because this night was written in the stars just for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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