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See You Again: UP Students’ Favorite Places on Campus

Words by Bianca Roque

Art by Joy Cruz

Special thanks to Arick Ang, Kat Feranil, Angela King, Jerome Ng, Jason Ramos, Jeridi Rubis, Keane Ting, and other members of UP JMA

After two years of online classes, we’re sure that many of the older members of the UP community are missing the campus that has become so iconically UP Diliman. With the start of a new school year, we reminisce about the lives we once lived, pre-pandemic.

From the acacia trees lining the academic oval to the variety of food stalls you’d find in Area 2, come and revisit some of our favorite places in the university, all from the comfort of our own homes!

Responses were taken from UP JMA members and have been edited for punctuation and clarity.


1. AS Building/Palma Hall

“AS is the most memorable place for me in UPD because it’s where I’ve spent most of my days as a freshie. Though I’ve only studied on campus for a good sem and a half, I’ve had simple yet fond memories of going to the 4th floor for class, then going back down to the 1st floor to buy coffee and siomai in Antas. Whether it’s (not) reading in the reading hall with friends or just sitting outside classrooms with my coursemates waiting for our prof, AS has really been my safe place in UPD.

- Kat, BA Philosophy


2. Area 2