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Para Sa Mga Bayani ng COVID-19

Words by: Sophia Espina and Nela Romulo

Art by: Sam Balagot and Julian Natividad

With a rising number of cases, prolonged community quarantine, and a crashing economy—it becomes clear that our country is living in unprecedented times, and is struggling to fight against a virus that continues to greatly affect the lives of many. As we navigate through these times of darkness, we look to our Frontliners as a source of hope and light. To our COVID-19 Frontliners, the heroes of today: Thank you.

To our healthcare workers,

We see you. We see your unending dedication in the fight to save our lives despite the risks to your own. We cannot imagine how difficult it must be to perform at one’s best while working such long shifts, but we appreciate the sacrifices you have made to help those in need. It is because of your selflessness and commitment to care for each patient that we have hope for the future—that despite the darkness and uncertainty, we can recover from the negative impact this virus brings.

To our transportation and delivery services workers,

We see you. We see you working tirelessly, risking your lives to ensure that the needs of the community are fulfilled. Thank you for your bravery and devotion to providing the best service to each citizen despite its difficulties. While most of the country remains quarantined, you work and go to great lengths to ensure the safe transportation of our fellow countrymen and essential goods. Thank you for going above and beyond to assist us during these challenging times.

To our security guards,

We see you. We see your patience and determination in working to protect the health and safety of each citizen. Your unwavering commitment to our safety does not go unnoticed, and we admire the courage and persistence you exhibit to ensure that all protocols are observed. We know that we would not be able to go about our essential activities in the safest way possible without your constant efforts to safeguard the Filipino people.

To our frontliners serving in janitorial and utility services,

We see you. We see what you do everyday and are grateful for your kind hearts. Thank you for putting your lives on the line. By ensuring that everything is sanitized and functional, you also give us two very difficult things to come by nowadays: assurance and a sense of normalcy. Thank you for all your sacrifices. Your work is important, and the compassion that you live everyday is proof of your heroism.

To our journalists,

We see you. We see you standing at the frontline everyday, prepared to inform us about the current events of our country. Thank you for having the courage to bring us unfiltered news and objective truths. Through your journalism, we can keep in touch and in tune with our fellow countrymen—the kind of uniting power that only heroes have.

This pandemic has devastated the Filipino people in more ways than one; yet amidst the chaos, a new line of heroes has emerged. Thank you, COVID-19 Frontliners, for stepping up. We are truly grateful for everything that you do, all the sacrifices you make, and all the hardships you endure. Thank you for not giving up on us.

Today, on National Heroes’ Day, we honor you.


To those interested in giving back to our frontliners, feel free to donate to any of these drives!

Frontliners’ Kitchen

"Frontliners’ Kitchen is a youth-led COVID-19 initiative that continuously provides nutritious meals, relief packs and PPEs for our frontliners amidst the pandemic. They have since worked with 25 hospitals and 4 groups of non-hospital frontliners leading the fight against the pandemic."

Salamat PH Healthcare Heroes

"Salamat PH Healthcare Heroes is a volunteer group that supports the frontliners in the fight against COVID-19. Through donations, they have provided PPEs, swabbing booths, groceries, bikes and more than 80,000 meals to hundreds of healthcare workers and AFP troops in Metro Manila."

The Frontline Feeders PH

"The Frontline Feeders PH team has organized a group of individuals - doctors, restaurant owners and NGOs — to mobilize food distribution to different hospitals in the Metro and in neighboring cities. We prioritize emergency rooms and laboratories."

Reach them at: or


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