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LIST: The Top 5 Break-up Spots in UP Diliman

Words and Art by: Pinky Castro and Hanz Clemente

The grounds of the UP Diliman campus serve as the backdrop to a wide array of rich experiences. Some happily signify the spark of brand new beginnings: the first day of face-to-face classes, sponty lunch dates at A2, and even making amin to your crush for the first time.

Other times, these experiences mark the bitter end of an era—whether it be the empty quiet halls of AS after graduation, or the sting of simply parting ways with someone you once loved. In the same vein as these bittersweet endings, here is a list of the Top 5 Break-up Spots in UPD, so that your relationship can come to a close in a place as beautiful as where it began.



Hidden at the very edge of the academic oval is UP Maskom’s very own Batibot! Here you can find an array of huts used mainly by students from the College of Mass Communication (CMC) to study, conduct org meetings, and hold equally important chikahan sessions. That being said, unbeknownst to most is the fact that this spot, hidden away in the confines of Plaridel Hall, is the ideal location for a break-up—be it mutual, peaceful, or even messy!

The spaciousness of these huts gives a semblance of privacy for you and your partner to talk about sensitive topics without fear of being overheard by others. Not only this, but the surprising windiness of the location combined with the company of the endearing cats in the area could help in cooling off both parties when arguments start getting heated. With the word “batibot” literally translating to enduring, lasting, and strong, it’s quite an ironic thing to consider the area as a primary spot for your next break-up.


Washington SyCip Garden

Tucked away behind the Carillon Tower is the Washington SyCip garden — a notable plot of greenery that often goes unnoticed by the common onlooker in the UPD campus. The garden, located between the University Theater and the UP Film Center, is home to 100 various species of young native trees from all over the country, some of which include the Sablot, the Mindanao Cinnamon, and the Molave.

The solemnity of the garden and the utter privacy of its red-bricked roads make for an ideal place to peacefully break-up—just be sure no one ends up pulling on each other’s hair by the end of it! If a lengthy conversation is not necessary, and you really just want to rip off the band-aid as quickly as possible, a brisk walk through the compound and a simple “it’s not you, it’s me” can do the trick—all while making it in time for your afternoon class. Underneath the shade of the towering trees, once everything is all said and done, both parties can utter their pleasantries, bid their goodbyes, and exit gracefully on either side of the garden. After all, it’s better to just let it all out than to slowly delay the inevitable.


Art Circle Cafe

Nestled within UPD’s Bahay ng Alumni is the Art Circle Cafe, a creative abode adorned with stunning local artworks curated by the esteemed Art Circle Gallery. The cafe’s bold and beautiful interior goes hand-in-hand with its equally scrumptious food selection. The menu boasts a wide range of cuisines, which compliments the surrounding local art. The combination of Filipino classics like adobo, yema cake, and Sagada coffee, paired with more Western flavors like Italian pizza, hummus plates, and chrysanthemum iced tea, makes the cafe a great option for any hungry body. After all, who wants to fight about where and what to eat when you’re already on the brink of parting ways?

The ambience is the perfect blend of the serenity of an art gallery and the comfort of your favorite cafe. The luxurious space crafts an ideal setting for intimate conversations, making the otherwise dull bitterness of a bad breakup a bit sweeter and brighter. Surrounded by captivating artworks, delicious meals, and a majestic view, who could focus on passionate outbursts when the setting is all too magical?



Consider the UP Lagoon when looking for a more private alternative to the Sunken Garden! Just a bit further down from Quezon Hall, expect to stumble upon a tranquil bayou, renowned for its serene ambience and an abundance of flora and fauna. Visitors often find themselves engrossed in the palatable scenery, moved to spend hours on end on a worn-out banig by the water, painting the perfect scene for private heart-to-heart conversations.

One can’t possibly say they’ve had the full UP experience without having witnessed the picture-perfect view of the lagoon on a windy weekday afternoon.

While being a safe haven for romantic beginnings, it can also be the perfect place for unfortunate endings. Isolated at the less busy end of the academic oval, the calming atmosphere creates a natural undertone for sincere conversations, and its privacy allows for both parties to hash things out in peace. With a majestic panoramic view in sight, a seamless and genuine break-up is bound to happen!


NSC Amphitheatre

When the chemistry in your relationship fails, what better place to break bonds than in the National Science Complex (NSC) Amphitheatre? Near UPD's Computational Science Research Center, the NSC Amphitheatre is a sprawling circular lawn with a perimeter lined with benches that mimic the arched center stage. Beyond formal events, the tranquil site makes for a quiet place of refuge in between classes. You can find solace in the sunshine as you sit on the benches, or in the shade offered by the stage and the nearby trees.

If you’re looking for a remote yet picturesque area to part ways with your special someone, the NSC Amphitheatre could be exactly what you need. With the amphitheater’s wide expanse and illustrious architecture, your break-up will unlikely be interrupted by the hustle and bustle of campus life.


Breaking-up with your S.O. is never an easy conversation to have, no matter when and where you choose to do so. While some would prefer to hash it out over a private cup of coffee in the Art Circle Cafe, others would choose a quick rendezvous along the SyCip Garden with the sunset in plain view. Wherever in UP Diliman it may be, it is essential to choose a spot that will breathe life into your weary hearts, and help make the dreaded “talk” just a tad bit more bearable…

After all, you both deserve better!


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