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Member Benefits

How to use the MemCard:

Present your Membership Card (and a valid ID, if needed) to the restaurant or establishment to avail of their discounts.

Valid until July 2024.

Anytime Fitness.png

Anytime Fitness

Fit your busy schedule & lifestyle at Anytime Fitness where you can workout anytime, anywhere.


02 Potato Kick.jpeg

Potato Kick

Potato Kick is a bar and restaurant that provides diverse food options, refreshing drinks, and vibrant atmosphere, perfect for friends and food lovers to hangout and enjoy the company of each other.

03 Gubat.jpeg

Gubat QC

Get ready to feast like never before, as you savor the delectable flavors of traditional Filipino dishes and enjoy the unforgettable communal dining experience that Gubat QC has to offer.

04 Crazy Diner.jpg

Crazy Diner

From classic favorites to unique flavorful choices, satisfy your chicken cravings at Krazy Diner.

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