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The Smart Gym

The Smart Gym is a sporting goods store that sells unique, innovative, and multifunctional gym products with features that are designed to cater to home workout needs.

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Yo! Madi

Treat yourself and your loves to Yo! Madi Yogurt Shake. The goodness of Yogurt + Real Fruits bring you a refreshing and delicious drink.

Commune Picks

Commune Picks is a business that provides authentic Apple products at a below SRP catering to all social classes. It aims to provide people with Apple products and help the community amidst the pandemic and during this time of struggle.



OrderBasket is a web-based service built to empower online business owners. We enable users to easily set up an online storefront, manage orders, track inventory, and more.


Mad Eats

MadEats is an on-demand online restaurant group that is built for delivery.


Lotus Activewear

Lotus Activewear is an activewear company with various trendy styles. Perfect for working out or just for your everyday attire.



MeetBit is a calendar management and scheduling solution.

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