Aiming to provide quality marketing education to public school students, Access Granted has partnered with a over 10 schools across the country—bringing marketing education to over 2000 senior high school students.


UP JMA MarkEd Access Granted makes marketing education more accessible to students all over the country. Each semester, the team develops a new batch of future Filipino marketers by conducting talks and activities with industry professionals.

 This Semester 

MarkEd Access Granted is bringing marketing education to the screens of public school students all over the country.

In line with Marketing for the Youth, MarkEd Access Granted aims to support the youth’s development as the next business leaders of the nation. Mirroring their success the previous last semester, MarkEd Access Granted continues to cultivate a Marketing Facebook Community for public school students. Here they provide various newsletters, and interactive educational materials and content – also innovating by expanding its influence to TikTok.

MarkEd Access Granted will culminate this semester's Marketing Education initiatives through an interactive webinar geared towards showcasing how to Think Like a Marketer, and another on Marketing in Action.


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