MarkEd is UP JMA's flagship academic event for our external stakeholders. The project itself has been executed in multiple formats over the years - competitions, summits, workshops, and seminars.

This year MarkEd is sticking to having 2 legs this semester - College Marketing and Access Granted.


 What to expect for this year's MarkEd:

College Marketing

MarkEd will be releasing a new brand: MarkEd 360. It is not your regular IMC competition for the team aims to focus on the growth and learning of its target market (College Students) in the technical aspects of marketing.

With three phases namely the eliminations, the bootcamp and the finals, teams of three will be faced with different challenges that will teach them the essentials of marketing from consumer insighting, elevator pitching, statistical analysis, and the like.

With this new approach to the usual MarkEd competitions, the team aims to give the participants an experience that will hone their marketing skills holistically.

Access Granted

Access Granted on the other hand is MarkEd's initiative for public high schools. Now on its second cycle, the team will be focusing on the expansion of the project, reaching out to six schools from the whole metro. For this semester, Access Granted will be a talk series on digital marketing on entrepreneurship, inviting speakers who are entrepreneurs who actually sell online to share their personal experiences to the students.




What's the Big Idea?

Recently, MarkEd shifted its focus from the college scene into the high school sector. From there MarkEd ontroduces basic marketing alongside an advocacy which differs year per year. The most recent MarkEd, named 'The Big Idea' focused on Digital Marketing.

By the Numbers

The summit usually garners 200 - 250 attendees, partnering with multiple high schools to make the event the success that it is.

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