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Every semester, UP JMA holds a university-wide recruitment process for over 150 applicants that develops their skills in marketing and event-mounting.

About Us

Every semester, UP JMA performs an in-depth and thorough university-wide recruitment process that invites students to apply and eventually be part of the organization. The recruitment process runs throughout the entire semester and encompasses multiple high-traffic and impacting events.


Our Target Market

UP Diliman Students who are interested in...


Learning beyond the classroom through real-world business experiences and opportunities

Building networks with fellow students and entities in the marketing industry

Promoting relevant causes and develop actionable solutions through advocacy marketing

The Shift to Online

In the first-ever online application process of UP JMA, the applicants completed a series of tasks and modules in order to develop their marketing competency, build online friendships, and familiarize themselves with the org's culture and initiatives. This unique application process is one of the many ways UP JMA has adapted to the shift to the online setting caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Cheesy Pairing


A Taste of Chocolate


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Campus Tour:

Discover Diliman

The annual Discover Diliman campus tour provides the incoming freshmen an opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of the campus from their fellow Iskolars ng Bayan. More than just a tour, the participants engage in different fun activities to help them transition into college life. Amidst social distancing in 2020, Discover Diliman: Made Digital was held over Zoom and garnered over 128 participants.


Recruitment Week

In partnership with the University Freshie Month and the UP Business League, UP JMA previously held a recruitment booth in two high-traffic organization fairs. Now held virtually, the presentation in the online organization fair allows freshmen to learn about UP JMA's different projects and initiatives.

Orientation Seminar

Each semester, UP JMA holds the Applicants' Orientation Seminar to formally introduce the organization to students from all over the university. Here, applicants learn of our different committees and projects, and listen to talks from esteemed alumni to encourage them to join the organization.


Tambay Week

As part of the recruitment process, UP JMA organizes Tambay Week — an initiative full of fun games and exciting activities in the organization's tambayan that allows applicants to learn more about the organization and immerse themselves in the daily life of a UP JMA member.

Adapting to the online semester, the UP JMA tambayan has fully transitioned to Discord where applicants can interact with UP JMA's member base of over 300 who have joined the server.

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Team Internships

Throughout the application process, applicants get the opportunity to work in UP JMA's award-winning projects — immersing themselves in the culture of marketing excellence that the organization has upheld in its different events and initiatives.

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Marketing Education Program

To hone their marketing competencies, the applicants undergo a semester-long marketing education program consisting of a series of workshops, training seminars, and case presentations guided by the UP JMA Consultants Pool.

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Serving as the culminating event of the application process, the Applicants' Batch Project is an event that is organized and planned entirely by the applicants. From project conceptualization to event execution, the batch project allows the applicants to develop their event-mounting skills as future members of the organization.



The annual Discover Diliman campus tour provides the incoming freshmen an opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of the campus from their fellow Iskolars ng Bayan. More than just a tour, the participants engage in different fun activities to help their transition into college life.



New Wave brought back 80s culture and style, complete with the best throwback tunes, free-flowing drinks, and good vibes. The event was a colorful take on an 80s party, garnering a total of over 500 attendees.


CHOW! adapted Asia's popular night market for college students and young professionals. With other 15 food concessionaires and 550 attendees, CHOW! set the standard for the semesters to come.


Following the success of CHOW!, Sinag was conceptualized as a Filipino take on the night market—this time celebrating local artistry. The event showcased the works of promising artists and featured performances from up and coming local bands to an audience of over 450 college students.


Makai brought the sea to the city in the form of a beach-themed food festival. With tropical food, interactive booths, and live music, the event garnered over 400 attendees looking to escape from the busy city life.


Join Us!

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Applicants' Batch Project

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