Recruitment Campaigns



What do we do?

Every semester, UP JMA performs an in-depth and thorough university-wide recruitment process that invites students from every corner of UP Diliman to apply and eventually be part of the organization. The entire recruitment process runs throughout the entire semester (August to December, January to May) and encompasses multiple high-traffic, and impacting events.

Our Target Market

UP Diliman Students Who Are...

Looking to make the most of their college experience

Interested in engaging in organizational activities

Willing to devote time and effort to attend events, socialize with others, and gain additional real-world experience

Excelling in socials, academics, service and sports

Full scope of the APP process

1. UP JMA Campus Tour

The annual UP JMA Campus Tour provides the incoming freshmen an opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of the campus from their fellow Iskolar ng Bayans! More than just a tour, the participants engage in different fun activities essential to their UP lives.


2. Recruitment Week


3. Tambay Week

A week-long initiative full of fun games, costume contests, and exciting activities in the organization space that allows applicants to immerse themselves in daily life as a JMA member

4. Orientation Seminar

The Applicants' Orientation Seminar which introduces JMA and the application process, as well as the different involved committees, events, and thrusts to aspiring applicants.

5. Acquiantance Party

Being the culminating event of the Tambay Week, it is an internal party thrown by JMA members to kickstart the application process. It also gives applicants the opportunity to meet and bond with the members, as well as their fellow applicants.

6. Marketing Activities

A series of workshops, training seminars, and simulations which aim to equip the applicants with marketing skills needed to execute their final project, which is to fully organize their own event.

7. Application Batch Project

Being the culminating event of the application process, the application batch project is an event that is taken care of, from start to finish, by the set of applications. From obtaining sponsors, to planning the program, and executing the event, the project truly puts the applicants' abilities to the test.

Previous app batch projects

Application Batch: August - December 2017

UP JMA Touchdown Presents: The New Wave 

New Wave was an event that brought back the feel good 80s, complete with the best throwback tunes, free-flowing drinks, and good vibes. The event was a colorful take on an 80s party, garnering a total of over xx attendees. This was the culminating project of the Touchdown application batch. 

Application Batch: January - May 2018

UP JMA All Aboard Presents: Formosa

Formosa was an event that made use of the May heat, and centered around the tropical atmosphere. The event featured was a summer type of party, garnering a total of over 350 attendees. This was the project of the All Aboard applicant batch. 

Application Batch: August - December 2018

UP JMA Locked In Presents: Chow!

Chow! was an event that reinvented the JMA app project tradition, as it was the first non-party app project of UP JMA in recent history. It was essentially a food fair that centered around Asian cuisine. This was the project of the Locked In applicant batch. 

Application Batch: January - May 2019

UP JMA Fired Up Presents: Sinag!

Following the success of Chow!, Sinag! was created. It was an event that proclaimed itself a celebration of Filipino artistry, showcasing works from local artists and performances from local bands. This was the project of the Fired Up applicant batch.

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