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To All The Restos I’ve Loved Before

Words by: Gianina Belardo, Migs Casanova, Alexa Juliano, Bella Palma, and Audrey Tan

Art by: Andrea Abaya, Gabs Cawili, and Rynzy Ilagan

I miss you. I know it’s been a few months and I swear I wasn’t trying to avoid you; I just didn’t know how to tell you—ang mahal mag-padeliver.

To Chubby Chicken,

You’re one of the places I miss the most. I miss walking along Esteban Abada with friends, going to Chubby Chicken to celebrate the end of an exam we pulled an all-nighter for. I miss being greeted by the friendliest staff, and ordering the best chicken strips out there. I miss being asked, sweet or spicy?, and all the energy and conversation that would take place at our usual table. You treated me so well.

To Gubat,

You were my favorite. I’ve never met a resto with Lechon Kawali as good as yours. It was so easy to introduce you to my friends—they all instantly loved you. You were always there for me when no one was around to hold my hand. You made me feel so comfortable. Even though my next class would be just across the street, I would always be late because you’re just that kind of restaurant—the kind that made me want to stay.

To Pepper Tree Foods,

I liked you first. I liked you because you were so mysterious, and I desperately wanted to know more about you. A hidden gem among the rest in Pop Up. I still remember the first time I met you. I saw you from a distance when I was walking along Katipunan and I just couldn't resist the words creamy chicken kebab. I knew I had to try it. You always brought me a sense of comfort and excitement that I wish I could relive again.

To Le Fleur,

You’ve always been so special to me—I think you are probably one of the most special restaurants I’ve ever been to. A part of me wishes that more people knew about you, but I also sometimes just wanna keep you all to myself. You know, whenever I visit, you never fail to help me de-stress. I never needed to worry about the quality of your food—from your buttermilk chicken to your baked mac pasta. I trust you. I know that you’ll always take care of me when I’m there. I remember the first time I had some of your tea, and how it calmed me immediately. It’s that. It’s how you can make me feel like everything’s okay. That’s what made me fall in love, I guess.

Here’s to all the restos I’ve loved before—and still continue to love now. I’ll see you soon but for now, lutong bahay muna ko.




CRAFT is project by UP JMA featuring a series of campaigns that showcase the art behind various local industries. This semester, they are crafting a heightened sense of community and local appreciation from home by partnering with various small local food businesses to support them in these trying times.

Get to know how you can order from any of these restaurants!

Chubby Chicken


0966 900 0030



0966 627 1522

Diliman Bonsai Society, CP Garcia, Diliman, Quezon City

Pepper Tree Foods


0917 184 4476

(02) 829 61690

The Pop Up #273 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

Le Fleur


0917 159 5597

19A Rolex St. G/F Che-riss Residence Bldg., Fairview, Quezon City


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